Effortless Eyebrows Everyday

Permanent makeup or Micropigmentation are all forms of temporary cosmetic tattooing to create long lasting enhancements to your appearance through implanting pigment into the skin using fine needles. State of the art technology and the latest developments in pigments and colour chemistry results in a beautiful, natural look, which nobody would know was created using a digital machine.

Permanent make up is the chosen treatment for many clients boasting numerous benefits.

We all like to look and feel good, however as we age, mother nature can be unkind and thin our natural hair. Our eyebrows can literally disappear and take with it our confidence. Similarly, over-zealous tweezing of the eyebrows in our teens and 20’s has left us having to pencil them in every day. For some medical treatment has resulted in permanent hair loss to eyebrows and eye lashes. 

Who wouldn’t say no to halving their morning routing by waking up with perfect eyebrows, lips and eyeliner? Look your best from dusk until dawn, anytime, anywhere! 

Permanent makeup means no more smudged eyebrows or eyeliner, and gives back lost confidence, redefines facial features, restores your natural beauty and leaves you feeling your best 24/7. 

In addition it can also benefit cancer patients by helping them to get through a difficult treatment period and relieve the worry of eyebrow hairs not growing back. 

Demand for permanent make up has grown exponentially over the last few years due to the trend for bold statement eyebrows and is a must have for many celebrity A-listers such as Madonna, Rihanna and Nicole Scherzinger. 

Helen Mirren championed using permanent make up as an alternative anti-aging treatment to expensive and invasive face lifts. 

Permanent makeup pigments are made from mineral and organic material, are manufactured under strict EU guidelines, and are designed to fade over time, generally lasting between 12-18 months, after which you can top up your permanent makeup with a maintenance treatment called a colour boost, designed to refresh colour, shape and definition. 

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