Permanent eyeliner

£275 (Payment plans available)

Free yourself of the task of applying new eyeliner every time you put on your makeup. Permanent eyeliner tattoo is the perfect treatment for those who feel bare without make-up or who wear contact lenses and fine conventional eye make up irritates the eyes.

People most suitable for this procedure are those who have lost lashes or have short lashes or blonde hairs that need extra definition, as well as ideal for those with alopecia.

The process

This treatment will enhance the shape of your eyes giving definition, contour and fuller, thicker looking lashes.

Permanent makeup pigment is implanted between the lashes giving the illusion of a thick dark lash line. This line can be gently subtle or bolder, depending on the clients wishes and natural style.

The results

The treatment usually takes about two hours to complete and the implanted pigment will look 30-40% darker and may take 3-4 days to lighten to the desired shade. Full recovery depends on the client but usually takes 1-2 weeks.

A retouch appointment appointment will then be made to replace any pigment lost during the healing phase.

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