Lip blush tattoo

£295 (Payment plans available)

Bring back definition to the lips by redefining the line that fades with age.

This lip permanent makeup treatment is extremely versatile and can be used to simply add a youthful flush of colour or to replace lost definition to your lips. It can also help balance the natural lip contour or give you the shape you always wanted – without the need for fillers.

If you’re looking for a lip liner or lip colour tattoo, a lip blush treatment can give the preferred colour, shape or definition desired.

The process

Permanent makeup is carefully implanted into the lip tissue giving definition to the shape and edge of the lip and then the pigment is blended down into the natural lip colour, giving a soft natural effect.

The treatment usually takes about two hours to complete and the implanted pigment will look 30-40% darker and may take 3-4 days to lighten to the desired shade.

The results

Full recovery depends on the client but usually takes one to two weeks.

Four to six weeks after the initial treatment you may need to come back for a retouch to replace any pigment lost during the healing phase.

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